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Born in Fukuoka in 1982, Kansai Noguchi's study as a musician led him to New York City in 2013. In New York and following his return to Japan, he grew inspired by the works of Isamu Noguchi, and resolved to become a visual artist. In 2015, working as a sculptors assistant led him to pottery as a preferred medium and the following year opened Kansai Noguchi Studio as a mid-century modern inspired pottery label. He currently produces potted vases, prints, ink paintings and abstract objects. 


Kansai's aesthetic has been described as modern classical. Combining the beauty and simplicity of a Japanese aesthetic, with ceramic forms and materials inspired by ancient Jomon, Greek and Mehrgarh pottery; he is inspired by the commonalities of our ancient ancestors, but dedicated to pushing forward into the new. Kansai's distinct style has since been featured in solo and group exhibitions around the world and his work is found in public and private collections globally.

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